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Optimize your business with esuite, the integrated ERP platform designed for operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

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Our Features

  • Real-Time Business Insights at Your Fingertips

    Real-Time Business Insights at Your Fingertips

    Make informed decisions with esuite's comprehensive dashboards and reports. Get a clear view of sales performance, inventory levels, and key financial metrics - all in one place.

  • Streamline Sales & Order Management

    Streamline Sales & Order Management

    Manage customer data, create quotations and sales orders efficiently, and track order fulfillment effortlessly. Simplify your sales process and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Take Control of Your Inventory

    Take Control of Your Inventory

    Maintain accurate stock levels, track product variants, avoid stockouts, and optimize ordering with esuite's advanced inventory management features.

  • Effortless Purchasing & Supplier Management

    Effortless Purchasing & Supplier Management

    Design & manage personalized campaigns. Target specific customer segments with special offers. Increase brand awareness & customer loyalty.

  • Manage Your Finance with Confidence

    Manage Your Finance with Confidence

    Take control of finance with esuite's robust accounting tools, ensuring accurate transactions and generating essential financial reports.

  • Enhance Marketing & Customer Engagement

    Enhance Marketing & Customer Engagement

    Expand reach and boost sales through targeted campaigns and emitra integration, attracting and retaining customers effectively.

  • Boost Sales Force Effectiveness

    Boost Sales Force Effectiveness

    Empower sales teams with integrated SFA features in esuite, tracking targets and activities for optimized performance.

  • Connect Your Business Ecosystem Effortlessly

    Connect Your Business Ecosystem Effortlessly

    esuite's open API integrates with third-party apps and systems, streamlining data flow and automating tasks.

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  • Data-Driven Decisions

    Data-Driven Decisions

    Gain real-time insights and comprehensive reports to make informed decisions and optimize your business.

  • Save Time & Reduce Costs

    Save Time & Reduce Costs

    Eliminate manual processes, minimize errors, and enjoy a cost-effective ERP solution that scales with your business.

  • Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

    Maintain optimal stock levels, reduce stockouts, and improve your supply chain efficiency.

  • Optimized Daily Activities

    Optimized Daily Activities

    Seamlessly manage operations and marketing campaigns, while also automating tasks to enable the team to prioritize strategic initiatives.

Why Choose Us

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    10 Years of FMCG Expertise

    Industry-tailored features for streamlined FMCG operations.

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    Seamless Ecosystem

    esuite integrates with emitra & ework for a comprehensive B2B solution.

  • reason product

    User-Friendly & Scalable

    Affordable and easy-to-use, so you can enjoy a cost-effective ERP that grows with your business.

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Affordable Pricing Plan to Fit Your Business Needs

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Rp 250.000 / Month*

Rp 300.000 / Month

  1. Dashboard & Reporting
  2. Sales Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Seamless Integration with ework 
(Sales Force Automation)
  5. Accounting & Finance
  6. Purchasing Management
  7. Marketing Tools & Promotions (Integrated with emitra)
  1. Free 1 User Included
  2. Minimum 1 Year Subscription
  3. Additional Users: Rp 124.920/Month/User
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esuite is an all-in-one ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and boost growth for your business.

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Streamline operations, boost efficiency, and unlock the full potential of your business with esuite's user-friendly ERP solution.

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