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in eDOT Group!
eDOT is part of the Nabati Group. eDOT it self is here to provide a Digital innovation that meets all your needs, from buying and selling daily needs, ordering food delivery, delivery services and vehicle rental, as well a fun & entertaining chat platform for each user. eDOT comes in forms Mobile Apps and Websites.

is more than just a chat and social media application, eDOT is a super app made by Indonesia generations to meet your needs of entertainment, lifestyle and business, which is equipped with various features to support your various activities.

In eDOT you can interact with your relatives, enjoying contents, uploading your creative contents, build your communities, and also do transaction through our e-commerce features.

Communicating easily, quickly, and efficiently without subscription fees through eDOT makes it easier for you to network, work, or do business.

Channel, Community & Forum

eDOT provides a space for you to network and build a community according to individual interests. In eDOT, you can create a Channel and invite other users to join to discuss and share contents with each other.

You can set the Channel that you created to Private if you want to make it more exclusive only certain users can join. You can also set your Channel to be Public so that other users can find your Channel and join at the moment.

Trend & Social Media

Get the latest information through eDOT Trend and Social Media features! You will not miss the latest news on various topics because you can access various kinds of up-to-date information in eDOT. Starting from Music, Movie, Sports, Health, Business and others.

You can also contribute by uploading your contents to eDOT Moment feature. Upload your moments together with your loved ones, or inspirational content in the form of photos, videos, articles and even audio!

Calendar & Video Meeting

Manage your busy days with eDOT Calendar and Video Meeting features! You are no longer need to use calendar and video meeting applications apart from your messaging, transactions, and social media needs.

With the eDOT Calendar & Video Meeting features, you can accommodate your business and community activities such as business meetings, trainings, webinars and other exciting activities instantly and integrated with your daily communication features.


Fulfilling your shopping needs with just one click without switching applications, eDOT is the answer! Find a wide range of items you want to buy, with various shipping and payment options.

Not only can you become a buyer, you can also become a seller on eDOT. Build and improve your business through eDOT, with integrated features to get closer to various target markets and communities!

Food Delivery

While chatting with colleagues or even having discussion with your community, you can also order food without having to leave eDOT application! Choose your favorite foods, pay instantly, and our driver partner will help pick it up at the restaurant and deliver the food you ordered quickly to your location.

You can also see the rating of the restaurant you choose from other users! Do you own a restaurant? You can also join to become our partner!

Delivery & Vehicle Rent

Send your goods via eDOT more efficiently and effectively! You can determine the partners, prices, and services you need. eDOT can also meet your needs for daily, weekly and monthly rental of vehicles along with key-off services in a safe and verified procedure.

Do you have a vehicle that can be rented? eDOT also provides an opportunity for those of you who own a vehicle and want to maximize its benefits. Get extra income with eDOT! For you as a logistics player, reach more consumers, maximize your vehicle utility, and increase your business turnover with eDOT!

eDOT Mitra
is Marketplace that unite B2B principle with the wholesale distributor. If you are a FMCG distributor company, join and meet more than 150.000 GT stores in eDOT MITRA. If you are a shop owner, immediately register your store to shop directly to the distributors and get the best price of the distributors.
become our Partner :
is Designed based on the experience more than 8 years in FMCG industry and distribution, eDOT Distribution System ( eDS ) is the right solution to manage the sales and distribution of the goods effectively and efficiently, complete in a feature and easy in its use Commonly known modules available in eDS includes :

Sales Module

to manage sales quotation to issue billing order

Logistic Module

to managing and monitoring the movement inventori in real time

Marketing Module

to set the promotion sale with the conditions


for reporting to manage finance and accounting

Master Data Management

to manage your business
As user eDS, you can also tap into the eDOT Sales Force Automation and eDOT Partner application as the entrance and you.
Our Business Reach
eDOT has reached users from various backgrounds and regions throughout Indonesia. With the features that we have built, it has brought value to every activity, both economic and social. By collaborating with our partners as important stakeholders for us, we are committed to providing the best in meeting all your needs.

Hundreds of thousands of integrated outlets

Hundreds of thousands of app users

Hundreds of active distributions