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Streamline your sales process and boost conversions with a next-generation Sales Force Automation (SFA) platform featuring integrated chat-commerce.

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Our Features

  • Taking Orders as Easy as Chatting

    Taking Orders as Easy as Chatting

    Instantly receive orders via chat, enhance customer engagement, and promote your catalog and special offers to increase sales and foster lasting relationships.

  • Enhance Customer Understanding and Sales Efficiency

    Enhance Customer Understanding and Sales Efficiency

    Set up and register outlets quickly, access detailed outlet data, effectively oversee store visits and order processes to speed up transactions, strengthen customer relationships, and boost sales performance.

  • Simplify Attendance Recording and Salesman Tracking

    Simplify Attendance Recording and Salesman Tracking

    Enjoy easier check-ins, automate reporting, and track sales activities in real time to boost efficiency.

  • Monitor Salesman Performance

    Monitor Salesman Performance

    Real-time monitoring and comprehensive performance analysis. Make informed decisions for effective target achievement.

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Benefits with 
Our Logo Ework Platform

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    Mobile Advantage

    Enable  your sales team to work anytime, anywhere. Close deals, manage leads, and access data on the go.

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    Business Growth

    Automate sales activities and fuel business growth by expanding your customer network.

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    All-in-One Sales Portal

    Ensure everyone has easy access to customer information, programs, and promotions

Why Choose Us

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    Chat Commerce & Real-time Salesman Tracking

    Enhance interaction, monitor your sales team, and maximize conversions.

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    10 Years of FMCG Expertise

    Tailored SFA solutions to maximize your sales efficiency and effectiveness.

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    Comprehensive Features

    Protect your data with advanced systems and get all the SFA features you need.

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Affordable Plans to Fuel Your Sales Growth

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Rp 99.900 / Month*

Rp 120.000 / Month

  1. Attendance
  2. NOO
  3. Mini Dashboard
  4. Outlet list & Profile
  5. Product Stock
  6. Take Order
  7. Store Visit
  8. Chat Commerce
  1. 1 User Mobile Apps
  2. 1 User Desktop for Admin 
  3. Minimum 1 Year Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

ework is the next generation Sales Force Automation (SFA) that helps businesses boost their sales team's efficiency and effectiveness.

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