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Expand your reach and connect with a wider network of buyers on emitra. Utilize chat commerce feature and ework ecosystem to simplifies ordering and empowers sales team.

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Our Features

  • Empower Your Sales Team with Chat Commerce

    Empower Your Sales Team with Chat Commerce

    Leverage chat commerce integrated with ework (Sales Force Automation). Buyers can connect directly with your salesmen on emitra, streamlining communication and boosting sales.

  • Simplify Ordering for Your Customers

    Simplify Ordering for Your Customers

    emitra empowers outlets to easily place self-orders, reducing errors and streamlining the buying process.

  • Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    Design and manage personalized marketing campaigns to reach specific customer segments with special offers and boost sales.

  • Manage Customer Relationships & Loyalty

    Manage Customer Relationships & Loyalty

    Build stronger customer relationships with our advanced CRM features. Implement a loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases and customer retention.

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    Strengthened Communication

    Start seamless communication between outlets and sales teams through Chat Commerce, facilitating order discussions, product inquiries, and building stronger business relationships.

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    Effortless Ordering

    Save time and resources by placing orders directly on emitra's user-friendly platform, freeing up yourself to focus on sales growth and new customers.

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    Real-Time Tracking

    Gain complete control and optimize customer service by tracking order status in real-time with emitra.

Why Choose Us

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    Chat Commerce

    Respond to buyer inquiries, discuss orders, and close deals faster through a convenient chat interface.

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    Reach New Buyers

    Expand your reach and connect with a wider network of potential buyers on emitra.

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    Effortless Order Management

    Simplify order processing and manage orders efficiently to make your sales team more efficient.

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Emitra is a B2B platform that connects distributors and retailers to streamline product buying and selling.

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emitra, the marketplace platform with Chat Commerce, empowers you to streamline efficiency and maximize your business profits and growth.