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Effectively manage inventory, optimize product placement, streamline checkout processes, and implement effective marketing strategies to deliver a delightful shopping experience for your customers.

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The Right Solution for Your Supermarket & Minimarket Business Challenges

  •  Struggling to Find Best Products and Price?
     Struggling to Find Best Products and Price?

    Struggling to Find Best Products and Price?

    emitra provides wide range of products from various distributors and bulk orders with interesting price, streamlining your purchasing experience.

  • Struggling with Inventory Management?
    Struggling with Inventory Management?

    Struggling with Inventory Management?

    esuite provides real-time inventory monitoring and demand prediction, preventing stockouts and excess inventory, ensuring optimal stock levels.

  • Poor Promotions and Pricing?
    Poor Promotions and Pricing?

    Poor Promotions and Pricing?

    esuite and emagineer tailor promotional and pricing strategies using detailed data analysis, targeting the right customers with competitive prices to increase sales.

  • Slow Checkout Lines?
    Slow Checkout Lines?

    Slow Checkout Lines?

    epos+ streamlines checkout processes, boosting cashier speed and reducing wait times, which improves customer experience and your store's efficiency.

  • Unoptimized Product Placement?
    Unoptimized Product Placement?

    Unoptimized Product Placement?

    esuite and epos+ optimize store layout to position key products strategically, enhancing accessibility, boosting sales, and improving shopper satisfaction.

Integrated Solution for Supermarket and Minimarket

eDOT Ecosystem designed to meet the needs of supermarket and minimarket. The platform connects all aspects of your business, from procurement to sales and customer service.

Supermarket & Minimarket Ecosystem

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    Chat Commerce
  • 2
    Purchasing & Inventory
  • 3
    Marketing & Promotion
  • 4
    Content, Campaign, and Social Media Marketing
  • 5
    Product & Order Management
  • 6
    Payment & Report
  • 7
    Finance & Accounting

Essential Products for Your Business

Benefits for Your Supermarket & Minimarket

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  • Higher Operational Efficiency

    Higher Operational Efficiency

    With eDOT Ecosystem, you can automate business processes, reduce operational time and costs, and improve team productivity.

  • Lower Costs

    Lower Costs

    esuite helps you optimize the purchasing process, reduce overstocking, and save logistics costs, so you can improve business profitability.

  • Smarter Decisions

    Smarter Decisions

    The eDOT Ecosystem delivers actionable data and insights for strategic decisions that boost efficiency and business growth.

  • More Productive Teams

    More Productive Teams

    The eDOT Ecosystem provides tools and features to enhance team productivity and achieve business goals.

Why Choose Us

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    Integrated Solution

    Connects all aspects of your business efficiently and effectively

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    Advanced Technology

    Utilizes technology to provide you with a reliable, scalable, and secure solution

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    Expert Team

    Our team specializes in guiding FMCG distribution businesses to success

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    Premium Support

    Receive top-tier customer support to maximize your benefits from the eDOT Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions

You can subscribe to eDOT Ecosystem by contacting our sales team. We will assist you in choosing the right package for your needs.


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